LOUD Line-Up 2016

Steve Stix

Westphalian-Scottish Überactivist. True to the scene, in the business in various roles since more than 20 years, wether its as a DJ, Producer or even mastermind of his own Festival “We are Robots”.

Artist Biography

Steven McIntyre was born in 1975 in Münster, Westphalia.

His interest in musical entertainment was awakened after in Münster, he had the opportunity in 1988 at the British boarding school for the students in the evening diverse pop music of Depeche Mode, Human League, level 42 etc. to acid house as Inner City, D-Mob and Sleazy D hang up.

In the fall of 1990, he completed an internship in the first and then leading record store King Music and was thereafter every Saturday where he worked as an assistant until the shop was forced to close a year later for family reasons.

The first gigs as a DJ Toyz went going in the summer of 1993, after Steven had set itself precisely with turntables and mixers apart and goal for his skills as a DJ, Steve’s skills are characterized now by an excellent track selection and incredibly clean mixing.

When he regularly visited the Temple Raves on Sunday’s at Jovel, Münster in 1994, he was asked by the then Resident DJ Oliver Froning aka DJ Raw (Dune), if he would like to play a whole night with him. He agreed, and the next date he stood the whole night alone behind the decks, which helped him to his first job as a resident DJ. Shortly afterwards, he began to play at the After-Hours at legendary Hawerkampkeller. At the same time he worked as a freelancer at the time of the first Free Party magazine Space News. Later he was active as editor until the end of 1994 the magazine was adjusted due to the appearance of Trendline Magazine (Raveline later).

Then he began to become active as promoter and launched the Brain Ritual Rave & Brainstorm series of events, which he organized with two former friends. These events were headlined with Miss Djax, Miss Yetti, Hardsequencer, Ilsa Gold, Marcos Lopez, Hooligan & Scooter.

In 1995 he startet at the legendary Cosmic Club as support DJ for DJ’s like Westbam, Steve Mason, Pascal Feos, Mark NRG, DJ Misjah and so on …

In June 1996, he startet to work at the Elevator DJ Equipment Mail Order in the Hotline department. Stix grew with the company and was later hired as manager of the Elevator Record Store.

In 1998 the Cosmic Club reopened after two years a new location he was immediately fixed as resident DJ part of the club. Since then Steve has played with the entire DJ Elite like Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Dave Angel, Paul van Dyk, Luke Slater, Miss Kittin, Chris Liebing, just to name a few.

The Raveline Magazine chose Steve Stix in March 1999 to Germany’s resident DJ of the month. In the same month, he opened with James MD his first record shop named „Dundrum Records“ in Münster, NRW’s best-stocked Record Store & largest Mail Order for DJ Vinyl covering which all areas of electronic club music, and the same independent label. Due to Groove Magazine’s yearly reader survey, they dropped into the Top 5 Record Stores in Germany!

In January 2000 he became residency at the club Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin at the Vibe Events, where he played alongside with Kevin Saunderson, Green Velvet, DJ Rush or Mr. C from The Shamen.

Since then he is on the road in various clubs throughout Germany and abroad and has been elected by the Fusion Club for DJ Favorite Munster’s in October 2000.
End of 2000 he opened together with DJ Lore (Hanne & Lore) and Heretic the “Bio Rhythmus” Record Store powered by Dundrum Records – a branch in Bielefeld and it was followed by another store (King Music) in Münster for Black & Urban Music at the Titus Skates Flagship Store.
End of 2003, Steve parted from his former partner and sold his shares but kept the Dundrum brand. He started in 2004 together with his old colleague DJ MRC aka Marco Cenacchi “Global Grooves”, a new record store and Mail Order delivery next to the elevator DJ Store. 2006 was closed down due to the purchasing behaviour of customers and the dominant digitalization.

In October 2004 he founded with his long-time friend and DJ colleague Lars Nielsen “Monopark” the series of events that took at Club Favela in Münster once a month and 2013 he moved to Conny Kramer, next to Favela & Fusion Club.

In early 2005 he participated as a jury member at the Electronic Dance Music Awards in the exhibition halls Hannover.

Since 2006, he is solely responsible for the Monopark events and coined with Monopark Decisive the Münster electronic scene and a great popularity far beyond Münster’s borders.

2008 he moved back to his desk and started Monopark Artist Management, a small Bookingagnecy for Kerstin Eden, 88UW, Mike Väth, Khetama etc. but were discontinued due to lack of time a few months later.

Since 2010 he is active in addition to his DJ activities and the Eventbizz as a freelancing graphic designer.

2013 he celebrated his 20 year old DJ existence in which he recorded many clubs & festivals across half of Europe.

2014 – 10 Years Monopark, own productions are on it’s way and the Event & Media Agency was launched.

2015 – He stopped the small Events at Conny Kramer and concentrates on bigger Events every 6-8 Weeks at Fusion Club and launched a Club-Festival concept named “We Are Robots”.
more to come…

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5 Questions... (German)

1] LOUD kehrt nach 11 Jahren zurück. Wie fühlt es sich an bei der Wiedergeburt so einer Veranstaltung dabei zu sein?

Großartig. Bei der ersten war ich dabei und es ist mir eine Ehre bei der Wiedergeburt dabei sein zu dürfen. Ich freue mich sehr wieder in Bremen spielen zu können und bin sogar leicht aufgeregt.

2] Was war Dein persönlicher Loud-Moment?

Das war bei der Loud 2004 mit Misjah, Rush, Pounding Grooves und Adam Jay. Das war für mich mein letztes Event auf dem ich härteren Tool Techno auf 3-Decks gespielt habe. Danach gab es bei mir einen Stilistischen Umbruch. Es war für mich zwar ein Riesenspaß, nochmal vor so einer großen, Wahnsinns-Crowd zu spielen, aber ich wusste das würde so erstmal nicht weitergehen können. Denn der damalige gängige Techno hatte seinen Zenit erreicht und steckte in einer Art Endlosschleife… Ich habe tatsächlich im Plattenregal noch die Scheiben fast 1zu1 in der Reihenfolge stehen, wie ich sie damals aus den Koffer genommen habe und denke immer wieder an diese eine Loud wenn ich daran vorbei „Skippe“, bei der Suche nach einer bestimmten Platte.

3] Deine Event-Reihe Monopark im Münsteraner Fusion Club hat kürzlich sein 12-jähriges Jubiläum gefeiert. Wie wird es damit weitergehen?

Dieses Jahr steht noch eine Monopark an. Am 26.11. Dominik Eulberg. Dann geht’s erst im März weiter und dann ca. alle 6-8 Wochen. Die etwas größeren Veranstaltungen beanspruchen schon etwas mehr Zeit in der Produktion. Aber das Programm für den 13. Geburtstag steht sogar schon 🙂

4] Wo wir gerade von Deinen Events sprechen, wird es im kommenden Jahr wieder eine Ausgabe der “We are Robots” geben?

Ja. Die We Are Robots hat an für sich feste Termine und findet immer am 30.4. zum Tanz in den Mai sowie am letzten Samstag im August statt.

5] This is your chance for a message to your Supporters at LOUD:
Celebrate Safe. Be responsible, think for yourself and care about others!